Distinctive Features

Hair: (very long, curly, red, crew cut, blond, excessively hairy, huge beard, prematurely
gray, glossy, balding, a particular cut, etc.)

Body: (slouched, barrel-chested, hunchback, finehaired, tall, thin, broad-shouldered,
high-shouldered, very muscular, burly, squat, smooth skin, etc.)

Facial Expression: (bright-eyed, proud, sneering, haughty, nice smile, hidden by beard,
straight teeth, dour, cheerful, squint, piercing glance, etc.)

Speech: (lisp, stutter, charming accent, basso, sharp, nasal, shrill, squeaky, musical, loud,
soft, strong, thick accent, etc.)

Facial Feature: (patrician nose, scarred, darkly tanned, black eyes, bushy eyebrows,
deep-set eyes, high cheekbones, red and weather-beaten skin, braided beard, big ears,
long mustache, small nose, facial blemishes, birthmark, etc.)

Limbs: (short legs, bulging biceps, one arm longer than the other, rough hands, long nails,
hairy arms and hands, bow-legged, flabby, big feet, long fingers, etc.)

Distinctive Features

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