Sir Rene

Killed by King Claudas and the Salian Franks


Sir Rene de Honfleur (Normandie)French young Knight, son of a banneret Knight, c. 465
Glory: 2.245
Religion: British Christian
Heraldry: Per pale wavey argent and purpure, in fess two martlet volant counterchanged
Family Characteristic: Good with birds
Distinctive Features: very long hair, nice-smile

SIZ 13, DEX 11, STR 10, CON 15, APP 11; (Defeat: 45, For Love: 4; Identify Bonus: +1)
Move 2; Healing Rate 2; Hit Points 28; Unconscious 7; Major Wound 15; Knockdown 13; Damage 4d6

French Combat Skills: Sword 16, Lance 13, Dagger 8, Spear 8, Battle 13, Horsemanship 13
French Skills: Awareness 9, Courtesy 7, Falconry 21, First Aid 8, Hunting 7, Intrigue 5


Chaste/Lustful 10/10
Energetic/Lazy 10/10
Forgiving/Vengeful 10/10
Generous/Selfish 13/7
Honest/Deceitful 10/10
Just/Arbitrary 10/10
Merciful/Cruel 10/10
Modest/Proud 12/8
Pious/Worldly 10/10
Prudent/Reckless 8/12
Temperate/Indulgent 10/10
Trusting/Suspicious 10/10
Valorous/Cowardly 18/2

Passions: Loyalty (praetor Syagrius) 18, Honor 17

Armor: Norman Mail, Dublet, Open Helm, Shield: 16

Amor Bonus: His renown grants a +1 to any Amor generated for him.
Money: 14L.
Benefits: Golden Brooch
Outfit: 3
Gear: Personal Gear, Travel Gear, Decorated Francisca (1L)
Horses: Rouncy, Sumpter


Ο παπππούς μου, από την πλευρά του πατέρα μου, ήταν ο Julian, ο οποίος νυμφεύθηκε την Isabeau και απέκτησε έξι παιδιά. Τον Isore, την Catherine, την Jaqueline, τον Begon, τον Rene και τον Fierbras, που ήταν ο πατέρας μου. Ο Fierbras έκανε δύο γάμους. Νυμφεύθηκε την πρώτη φορά την Marcia Sila και την δεύτερη την Amalon, την μητέρα μου.

Sir Rene

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