Sir Dion

Cymric Knight, son of a vassal Knight, c.465


Personal Data:

Name Year of Birth Homeland Ruler Married to
Sir Dion ap Rodrick 465 A.D. Dol de Brettagne Southern Quinqueroi Forest Magdalen ap Rhydian
Glory Rank Religion Heraldry Distictive Feature Family Characteristic Religious Bonus Chivalric Bonus
3.745 Vassal Knight British Christian Counter-ermine, an oak leaf Or Broad-shouldered, piercing glance Clever No Yes


Size Dexterity Strength Constitution Appearance
18 12 12 13 13
Move Healing Rate Hit Points Unconscious Major Wound Knockdown Damage
2 2 31 8 13 18 5d6

Personality Traits:

Chaste/Lustful Energetic/Lazy Forgiving/Vengeful Generous/Selfish Honest/Deceitful
13/7 16/4 10/10 16/4 10/10
Just/Arbitrary Merciful/Cruel Modest/Proud Pious/Worldly Prudent/Reckless
10/10 10/10 16/4 10/10 14/6
Temperate/Indulgent Trusting/Suspicious Valorous/Cowardly
13/7 10/10 15/5


Loyalty (Archbishop Samson of Domnonie) Mistrust (Vannetais) Love (Spouse) Honour Hospitality Lust (Ygraine)
16 13 16 14 15 8

Cymric Combat Skills:

Sword Lance Dagger Spear Horsemanship Battle
16 14 5 6 12 14

Cymric Skills:

Awareness Courtesy First Aid Hunting Gaming
10 11 14 6 14
Read Latin Religion (Christianity) Intrigue Chirurgery Heraldry
6 5 3 6 3


Outfit Gear Benefits Money
4 Personal Gear, Travel Gear valuable cloak from Spain (worth: 1L.), a set of Checkers (Les Dames), x2 Silver armband (1L.), Cart with food provisions, salted meat (1L.) 55L.


Norman Mail Dublet Open Helm Shield Armor of Honor
7 2 1 6 3
Horses Squire
Rouncy, Highland Charger (x2) Vitto, Squire Roll: 15

Ο παππούς σου Rodrick ap Manod έκανε 2 γάμους. Από το δεύτερο γάμο του με τη Heulyn ferch Madrun γεννήθηκε ο Guidnerth και ο αδελφός του ο Prysor. O Guidnerth νυμφεύτηκε τρεις φορές. Από τον τρίτο του γάμο με την Guenllean ferch Prysor γεννήθηκες εσύ Sir Dion στις 3 Ιουλίου του 465 μ.Χ.

Ο Guidnerth πέθανε ηρωικά στον πόλεμο που διεξήγαγε ο Aurelius Ambrosius εναντίον των Σαξόνων στη Frisia (478/479 μ.Χ.)

Sir Dion

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